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mardi 4 novembre 2014

Concours de Maths Appli de la SCM

Nous transmettons l'annonce suivante, le concours est doté de 2000 euros de prix :

Dear Sir, dear Madam, dear Colleagues,
Our 6th Competitive Game, organized jointly with the French Federation of Mathematical Games, has started. The game is endowed with 2 000 Euros for prizes.

The topic for this year is "Uncertainties in GPS Positioning", in partnership with:

The French Institute for Transportation Science and Technology,
Geolocalisation Team (IFSTTAR/CoSys/Geoloc)


The French Ministry of Transportation, Mission for Tarification Pricing

Please see: (in English)
All data are included in the above file.

The deadline for answers is April 30th, 2015. Answers may be sent in English or in French, pdf format.

Please inform your colleagues, students, friends, about this game.

Best regards,

Prof. Bernard Beauzamy

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