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mardi 7 janvier 2014

Revue de presse sur le pardon pour Alan Turing

 Pour les anglophones : 
A short BBC News report:

The Times of India on the discovery in India of the house of Turing's
grandfather "Priceless. Utterly, totally priceless!":
The Washington Post reader feedback page connecting the pardon and "The
Imitation Game" movie - with nice picture of Cumberbatch:
The Times "Posthumous pardon for Alan Turing over ‘gay activity’
Manchester Evening News "Alan Turing pardoned by The Queen for his 'unjust
and discriminatory' conviction for homosexuality":
The Guardian "Enigma codebreaker Alan Turing receives royal pardon":
A nicely written article, though Peter Ladkin wrote from Germany: "All
those words, and nothing to indicate clearly that, along with Alonzo
Church and Kurt Goedel, he defined the modern notion of "computable",
*the* most applicable abstract concept in the last century of
From Nicola Gambino this link to “La Repubblica” reporting "Gran Bretagna,
assoluzione reale per Alan Turing. Eroe di guerra, condannato perche gay":
Sydney Morning Herald "Alan Turing, who broke Enigma code in World War II,
pardoned by Queen over conviction for homosexuality":
From WIRED the full text of the "Alan M. Turing" Royal Announcement:
Los Angeles Times "Code breaker Alan Turing granted royal pardon for
gay-sex conviction":
New York Daily News "In debt to a giant - A salute to Alan Turing":

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